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ACS 'Track Stud' Features

ACS  studs & nuts have been developed in conjunction with SCCA, NASA and Grand-Am racing teams to arrive at a proven, reliable and safe product. Designed both for racers and performance enthusiasts alike. ACS ‘Track Studs’ have superior strength compared to OE type wheel bolts and are easily installed & replaced.

Features of ACS ‘Track Studs’™:

  • ACS studs feature a large unthreaded shoulder for strength in the critical hub face area and for good brake rotor alignment and better hub-centricity.
  • Some of our studs are designed with an ‘Allen key’ head for easier initial installation.
  • Speed Nose. Some of our studs feature a "speed nose" or "bullet nose" which aligns the nut parallel to the stud allowing for installation using an impact gun with far less chance of cross-threading.

    Black Finish:
  • The black finish is our hardened & heat-treated chrome moly steel.
  • Features a low friction surface for repeated use without galling.
  • This finish is not intended for extended exposure to salt & the elements.

    Zinc Coated Finish:
  • Our White and Yellow Zinc finishes are more resistant to corrosion.
  • Designed for multi-purpose cars and for daily driven street vehicles.
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If it doesn't say "ACS", It's Not !

ACS nuts feature a radiused face to facilitiate quicker socket engagement and release and to virtually eliminate jamming. Made from a premium chrome moly alloy for higher strength and durability. Speed nuts are then coated with a black oxide coating that acts as a barrier to corrosion and lessens the effects of galling on the threads.

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